Research projects

The present crisis, as well as its long-term implications, requires research knowledge, fresh data and new ideas.

In spring 2020, EUI launched a competitive selection to promote and fund new research across the humanities and social sciences. Of 30 proposals submitted by Ph.D. researchers, postdoctoral fellows and faculty from all departments and units, 17 were selected to receive this new COVID-19 funding. These projects bring EUI expertise in social sciences and humanities to bear on many of the most urgent societal challenges connected to the COVID-19 crisis

  1. Assessing the Impact of the Coronavirus Emergency on Healthcare Delivery

    • Vanessa Grotti ()
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  2. Citizenship Governance in the Age of Covid-19: The Case of Social Credit

    • Liav Orgard ()
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  3. Citizenship, Migration and Mobility in a Pandemic: A Global Study of COVID-19 Restrictions on Human Movement

    • Jelena Dzankic ()
    • Lorenzo Piccoli ()
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  4. Coping with COVID-19: A Comparative Political Economy Analysis of European Policy Responses

    • Sebastian Diessner ()
    • Arianna Tassinari ()
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  5. Democracy in Lockdown: What Role for the European Parliament in the COVID-19 Crisis?

    • Ariadna Ripoll Serven ()
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  6. Driving Us Further Apart? The Impact of Social Media on Political Attitudes toward Covid-19 Policies

    • Klarita Gërxhani ()
    • Jakob bøggild Johannsen ()
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  7. Economic Interests, Business Power and Policy Responses to the Covid-19 Crisis: Insights from the Italian Case

    • Arianna Tassinari ()
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  8. Effects of the UK’s Lockdown between and within Gender: Exacerbating Existing Inequalities?

    • Giuliana Giuliani ()
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  9. Experiencing Epidemics: Sharing Historical Research on Past Epidemics

    • Jorge Díaz Ceballos ()
    • Ian Hathaway ()
    • Gašper Jakovac ()
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  10. Human Rights in the Endgame of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Beyond

    • Martin Scheinin ()
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  11. Politicising the Pandemic: Blame Attribution during the COVID Crisis

    • Ofra Klein ()
    • Tobias Widmann ()
    • Fred Paxton ()
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  12. Proving China’s (Partial) Responsibility for the Coronavirus Pandemic before the International Court of Justice

    • Mike Videler ()
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  13. Responding to COVID-19: Government Action, Government Rhetoric, and Public Trust

    • Ellen Margaretha Immergut ()
    • Tamara Popic ()
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  14. Rewriting the Social Contract over the Great Lockdown

    • Anton Hemerijck ()
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  15. The Airport Factor: Assessing the Impact of International and National Aviation Mobility on the Spread of Covid-19

    • Ettore Recchi ()
    • Lorenzo Gabrielli ()
    • Emanuel Deutschmann ()
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  16. The Expected Credit Loss of Covid-19

    • Elena Sedano Varo ()
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  17. Trust, Information, and Logics of Redistribution in Post-Pandemic Italy

    • Francesco Colombo ()
    • Ari Ray ()
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  18. Use of Telework and E-learning during COVID-19 Lockdown

    • Marta Lopes ()
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Additional Projects

In addition to the new projects receiving funding from the EUI, professors and researchers from across the university have adapted ongoing research and created new initiatives that apply their expertise to the unfolding COVID-19 emergency. The variety of these additional projects – including trade, migration, the environment, healthcare and other factors – reflects the breadth of social science expertise at the EUI

  1. Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

    • Pier Luigi Parcu ()
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  2. COVID-19 in the Middle East: Geopolitics, Socio-Economics and State Capacity

    • Luigi Narbone ()
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  3. Covid-19 Trade Policy Database: Food and Medical Products

    • Bernard Hoekman ()
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  4. Covid-19: Challenges for Energy and Climate Policies During the Pandemic

    • Simone Borghesi ()
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  5. East Central Europe COVID-19 monitor

    • Dorothee Bohlee ()
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  6. Experts Cluster: Addressing a Crisis of Expert Knowledge and Authority

    • David Levine ()
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  7. GlobalStat and the Covid-19 Crisis

    • Gaby Umbach ()
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  8. Impact of Covid-19 on the Academic Job Market in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

    • Risto Conte Keivabu ()
    • Adrian-George Matus ()
    • Natalia Menéndez González ()
    • Nastazja Potocka-Sionek ()
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  9. Migrants and Systemic Resilience: A Global COVID19 Research and Policy Hub

    • Martin Ruhs ()
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  10. Narrating COVID-19: How Europe as Union Fares

    • Brigid Laffan ()
    • Tobias Widmann ()
    • Anja Thomas ()
    • Lorenzo Cicchi ()
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  11. Testing Communication Strategies to Increase Compliance with COVID-19 Policies on Public Transport

    • Annabelle Wittels ()
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